Emerald Tuition

Creating Fearless Learners

Emerald Tuition is one of the London`s most Reputed supplementary education providers, offering individualised Math, Science, English and SAT preparation programmes to help any child of any ability to progress and reach their potential. Our aim is for every child to become an independent, advanced learner with a positive attitude to study. Our methodology of studying empowers students to self-learn with tutor guidance, helping students to take hold of their own learning journey and develop the confidence to endeavour their goals and aspirations.

At Emerald Tuition, we’re very proud of our dedicated staff – they’re at the heart of everything they do and they make a big difference to the families and communities.

We look for academic achievers to work in our tuition centre, who are fervent about education and can act as inspiring role models. All our people share an urge for learning and helping children to reach their full potential.

We’re 100% confident you won’t find another bunch of people so gentle, supportive and downright enthusiastic!

Our programmes now develop English skills, as well as Math and Science proficiency, and are continuously evolving to make students as effective as possible. We help as many children as possible to shine academically and realise their endless potential. We can help to give your child the tools for a lasting love of learning.

We keep you up-to-the-minute with your child’s progress, with specific reports describing their results in every element of the curriculum and allow you to be part of any course changes we make.


  • Thoroughly reports to track your child’s academic achievements and set new learning goals
  • Regular meetings to keep you up to date with your child’s progress
  • Incentives and rewards to keep your child motivated, every step of the way