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Welcome to Emerald Tuition – where every child's academic journey is met with personalized care and attention. Emerald Tuition offers a holistic approach to learning that goes beyond the classroom. Our dedicated tutors are not only highly qualified but also deeply passionate about empowering students to reach their full potential. From personalized lesson plans to convenient, accessible learning centers, we strive to make academic success achievable for every student. We offer specialized tutoring in Mathematics, English, and Science tailored to students across all Key Stages*. Whether your child is preparing for exams, seeking to improve their grades, or simply looking to deepen their understanding of a subject, we're here to help them succeed.

Join us at Emerald Tuition and embark on a journey of academic growth and achievement. Together, we'll unlock your child's potential and pave the way for a brighter future.

the best teacher


Connecting with your child’s teacher can benefit everyone involved in the dynamic. By meeting with and discussing your child’s progress… Read More

the best teacher


It’s not just listening and memorising the lectures. We engage the students in analysing an argument, demonstrate a project and… Read More

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Subjects Emerald Tuition Teach

Math Subject

Our Maths programme helps children to develop math skills and a love of numbers. Our students are aged five to older children up…

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English Subject

Fun Learning Is The Long-Lasting Learning! Our English program aims to foster a love of reading and learning in every child. Students range…

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Science Subject

Seriously Sciency Fun For Children, Delivered! The aims and objectives of Emerald Tuition in Science subject are to enable students: Develop scientific knowledge…

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SATS preparation

Think big; Aim high! We also offer preparation classes for private school entrance exams, SATs and 11+ entrance examinations. Our Programmes emphasis on…

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Parents Testimonials

I highly recommend Emerald Plus. The tutors are so friendly and teach me well and efficiently and they go through the work in detail. My maths has improved so much overall since I have started and even my school teachers have seen an improvement. I used to struggle with maths a lot, but since coming to this tuition, maths cleared up in my head and isn't so much of a stress as it used to be, and I am grateful for the help I received.
Testimonial 4
I was recommended this place by my friend and I have sent my 2 sons for Maths Tuition. I have found the teaching absolutely excellent & have seen a big improvement in the grades. Would recommend completely.
Testimonial 3
My daughter started tuition at the centre in February this year - she is studying GCSE Maths. Small group of up to 3 to 4 children meant Rashmi could give individual attention to each one in the hour’s lesson. She sets homework each week and provides feedback, following the topics as they are taught by her school.
Testimonial 1
My daughter is attending special needs school in year 5. Therefore, I joined Emerald Plus Tuition Centre and their tutors have excellent ability to identify my Daughter's needs and focus on those over a number of sessions. She boost up her confidence and made my daughter comfortable. The tutor provided tasks between sessions and gave excellent feedback.
Testimonial 2